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ICE Resin - 1oz Syringe Kit

Ref: ICE1
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Jeweller's grade, self doming, crystal clear ICE Resin. Use to make pendants and jewellery components with embedded elements. This 1 ounce syringe pack makes it easy to dispense the perfect blend, and affordable enough to try out this exciting new jewellery medium. Makes up to one ounce of resin without measuring, just push the double plunger until you have as much liquid as you need for your project, and stir the two parts together! One pack can fill ten large deep bezels.

Double Syringe Includes:.5 oz. of Part A Resin,5 oz. of Part B Hardener. Double cap included for tips of syringes so they can be capped until you use the rest. ICE Resin is a clear resin that never fades, yellows or chips. It's safe to use indoors and is ideal for projects you want to preserve in a crystal clear hard coating or dome. Ice Resin takes 6 hours to harden and 3 days to fully cure. Can be coloured with opaque and transparent pigments. Complete instructions included.