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Ken Oliver 'Try-Me' Kit - Tropical Breeze

Ref: TropBreeze
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For all of you Ken Oliver fans out there - you will have seen that Ken has launched a series of these 'Try-Me' kits featuring a carefully coordinated collection of his most popular Color Burst Powder, Liquid Sparkle, Liquid Metals and Color Burst Ink Pads.  They've proven really popular on his Facebook channel where lucky American fans can purchase these directly from Ken but only in the US.

Of course we love Ken and he's a good friend of ours too - so we've managed to secure a limited supply of his Tropical Breeze Try-Me' kit for his UK and EU fans.  THIS SPECIAL PRODUCT WILL BE SHIPPED FREE OF CHARGE IN THE UK AND EU!

This kit includes:

  • 3 x bottles of Color Burst - Turquoise, Lemon Yellow, Ultramarine Blue
  • 1 x bottle of Liquid Sparkle - Pearl
  • 1 x bottle of Liquid Metals - Metallic Sky
  • 2 x Color Burst Ink Pads -Turquoise, Ultramarine Blue