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Flexi Lite - Rechargeable Craft Lamp (with Daylight simulation LEDs)

Ref: Clippy
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Avoid eyestrain with this compact , lightweight and rechargeable craft lamp. Featuring 16 LEDs, this swan-neck craftlight is perfect for taking to your craft clubs, crops and classes.  This light source is perfect for working with colour as it removes any bias that might be evident when working under normal tungsten or fluorescent lighting. The touch-sensitive control enables 3 different levels of light and the lamp features an integral clamp that enables you to position the light close to your workspace.

  • folded size approximately 150 x 120 x 100mm
  • recharging time from flat approximately 4 hours
  • useage time on full charge is approximately 2 hours at maximum brightness (5 or 6 hours on medium)
  • weighs just 155 grams (around the same as a medium sized orange!)

See the demo below: