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Pebeo Painting Knives & Brushes Set

Ref: 719027
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Pack of stencil brushes and painting knives in various sizes.

Stencilling is accessible to everyone and is very popular. Don't hesitate, take a stencil, apply colours with a stencil brush and start decorating your all your crafting projects, also perfect for home decor!

For those who want to work with paint in depth, Pebeo painting knives - otherwise known as palette knives - are essential tools, they are also suitable for mixing paints or scraping the medium on a painting surface. Long or short, broad or narrow, their springy steel blades in traditional shapes or comb-edged, symmetrical or asymmetrical, with unbevelled edges that allow for the creation of any effect that you choose! 


  • 3 x stencil brushes - 5mm, 8mm and 10mm
  • 3 x painting knives