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Premium non-stick & non-slip craft sheet - 50cm x 36cm

Ref: PCS-100
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This Premium non-stick & non-slip craft sheet measures 50cm x 36cm - approximately 14" x 20"

Our Premium craft sheet will withstand temperatures of up to 260c / 500f  The top surface is a quality, white Teflon coated fabric which is perfect for a multitude of craft or art related uses - nothing sticks to it and it is so easy to clean after use - any paint, ink, gesso and other artist mediums simply wipe off (not recommended for alcohol inks as this will soak through the fabric and create a stain)

The reverse has been coated with a clear, non-slip silicone layer which means that it stays where you put it, no more slipping and sliding while you work.

Features and Benefits:

  • Competitively Priced!
  • Non-Stick Heat Resistant top surface - it can withstand temperatures of 260c / 500f
  • Easy to clean, nothing sticks to it!
  • The reverse surface has been coated with a clear silicone layer which makes the craft sheet non-slip
  • Available at a generous size 50cm x 36cm (20 × 14 inches approximately) you're able to spread out while you're working
  • This is an essential tool for all crafters and mixed media artists