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Stamps Away Ink Blending Mat - A3 Plus

Ref: SA2834
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Stamps Away Ink Blending Mat - 30cm x 43cm

Solvent resistant - Ink stays wet longer - Seamless blending

Instructions for use:
For smooth ink application to your project simply apply a small amount of ink directly to the mat (a dab or swish from the ink pad will be plenty). Smooth the ink over the surface of the mat with an applicator (such as an Ink Duster, Brayer, Ink Blending Tool etc), the ink will appear to "soak in" to the mat.  Use circular motions to blend the ink from the mat on to your project. You will find you do not need to re-ink your mat for a good deal of time and the ink remains workable for a long time.

To clean simply wipe over with a damp cloth, for stubborn marks you can use white spirit or cleaning solvent such as rubbing alcohol.